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Graywind Story | Witness A New Life Be Born

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Amber & Trey are the superior DIY ▪️ TIPS ▪️ DESIGN Influencer, focus on transforming old Houses. They currently have 1.1 million and 70,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram respectively!

They are a very happy family, and they recently gave birth to a cute baby, JoJo!

At this time, JoJo wasn't born yet, so it was only recently that JoJo was born that they completed the baby room remodel with our Motorized 100% Blackout Cordless Roller Shades. I have to say, it's amazing to witness a new life be born!

The first picture below is what it looked like before the makeover, this room has been their catch-all storage room for the last few years. Since they were planning to put up floral wallpaper, so they finally chose the simple and elegant jacquard White shades to complement each other!

Let us appreciate the process of decorating the walls👉Click!  and the effect of their nursery after installation! 👉Click! This is a dramatic transformation!

Are you curious about the experiences of such excellent creators with millions of fans?

In fact, Amber & Trey didn't do home DIY before, they live an artist life, they have a business: NAME FRAME FACTORY Let's hear more about their previous experiences👂

📣We got our start in 2012, making handmade unique Christmas gifts. We loved the concept of letter art and wanted to use a variety of specific themes to describe a person or family. It started out as a gift idea, then a hobby, and quickly became my full-time job. Over the next year, my small business really started to grow. Shortly after, my husband decided to team up with me and it has been our obsession ever since. We now sell our frames at over 50 festivals and shows each year. We make frames that not only display a name, but also describe them in their own custom piece of art.

Before Covid, we used to travel to 30+ Art Festivals every year and had storefronts in 2 Pittsburgh malls before the pandemic. Since the pandemic we no longer travel to art shows or malls, NAME FRAME FACTORY is online & we still do the packed art show.

The pandemic gave us the time to do all the remodels DIY even though we didn't know how to do any of it. We loved it so much that we purchased a house in March of 2021 to flip. Shortly after we purchased our 1ST house to flip, we got a phone call asking if we wanted to buy 2 more!? So we've now purchased 3 houses in 3 months! We are planning on doing 100% of the work ourselves. We dropped all our shows and became "house flippers"


🎤What were both of your jobs prior?

  • Trey was a coal miner then briefly a surveyor when he was 23/24; I started making handmade unique Christmas gifts-frames when I was 22.
          About Amber🤵‍♀️:                                       About Trey🤵‍♂️:
          -Talker                                                          -Laborer
          -Editor                                                          -Drywaller
          -Narrator-Films everything                          -Designer                  
          -Manages online                                          -Janitor
          -Deal Negotiator                                          -Photographer
          -Financial advisor                                        -Property manager
          -Accountant                                                 -Banker-Camera Shy
          -Planner                                                        -Aways down
          -Can't spell                                                   -Proof reader
          -Would work 24/7                                         -Needs a Vocation
🎤How did you start?
  • We purchased a foreclosure with the intentions of hiring ppl to remodel it...I convinced Trey we should try to 'DIY' the bathroom to save money and it was a domino effect. After we finished our house I convinced him we should flip a house with our new found knowledge..he was hesitant but on board.

🎤How can you afford this?

  • We have saved all our money for 10 years
  • We have a few side hustles that provide income, resell furniture&lawncare...
  • Do all the jobs yourself..All of them!
  • Work with small businesses for free product
  • Always be on the hunt. We've found free furniture, cheap tools, tons of brand-new paint supplies for 50% lol yard sales are the best!
  • We saved a boatload of money by not having a wedding..Instead we got married in Jamaica, alone, then didn't go on another vocation for 4 years

🎤What did you know about smart home before?

  • We have a smart thermostat and a smart front door lock. But I did not know they made smart blinds and I absolutely love this feature on window treatments! 
🎤How do you feel after using our motorized shades? How is the product experience?


  • They were super simple to install! It only took me about 15 min And they are smart blind so I like to use the remote that comes with the to control them. But you can also pair them with Alexa, Google Assistant, or use the app. They're 100% blackout, so they're great for daytime naps, and there are no cords on them, so it makes them perfect for a kid's room or even safe around the pets. A full battery lasts three to six months before needing a recharge. And I love the way they look, they're super clean and modern!

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