Graywind Motorized Shangrila Shades | Wide Series | Customizable

【SMART SHANGRILA SHADES】: 60%-99% blackout, plain sheer combined with 2.56" tiltable vanes, allow desired light filtering or just add privacy. Elegant and soften interior ambiance, ideal indoor window treatments for living room, patio sliding door, office etc. Cordless style, safe for children and pets. 
AEOLUS® REMOTE CONTROL】: Specially designed 15-channel timing remote. Able to seperately & group control maximum 15 smart shades. It provides favorite position as well. 20 Date-time groups available, add any electric shades to any schedules to achieve automatic timing control. Support handheld or wall-mounted.
ALEXA & GOOGLE CONTROL】:Work with Alexa and Google (Whether needs a smart bridge depends on your MOTOR OPTION). APP & VOICE CONTROL enabled, precisely control your smart shades via percentage control, creating groups, setting timing schedules or other routine as perference.
【2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY】: We provide a two-year limited warranty on motors, remotes and a long-term complimentary technical support. To extend your coverage further, please choose "Extended Motor Service" in custom option.
【MADE-TO-ORDER】: Click "Customize" now, custom dimensions and details. Please check reconfirmation email within 24 hours, order will proceed if we don't get reply in 48 hours. 3 workdays for custom production, extra 5 workdays for delivery.


15 channels with timing function, innovative and upgraded in appearance & function. Universal for Graywind smart blinds.


Make the app your home assistant, allows to control smart blinds with a simple tap or swipe from smartphone or tablet.


Precisely control shades through a simple voice command, really enjoy convenience of handsfree!


Graywind offers 4 MOTOR OPTIONS for roller shades to meet different requirements from users.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Added the Graywind Motorized Shangrila Shades recently. Turnaround time on the order was quick.
Install was easy, they look great, sync with Alexa was easy (we love this feature). I've read some reviews where some couldn't connect the smart blinds with Alexa. If you first use the Graywind app, it's effortless. Takes only a minute. Commands "open", "close", or "set blinds to 50%" or however far you want them, is so convenient. With the Shangrila Shades, they have the added feature of flipping to an open position when all the way down, which provides filtered light. We've found that the command "close blind" will bring them all the way down and then flip to this filtered light position. However, "set blind to 95%" brings them all the way down but leaves them in room-darkening mode. The Graywind app is nice. Slide the image of the blind to whatever position you want. We did get one remote too. Everything works, and looks, as hoped.

We did not go with solar charging since our cords could be hidden and plugs were conveniently located.

Easy to Install & Beautiful

Installed 2 Shangrila Motorized Shades (wide series) with zigbee motors, side by side. One about 3' wide and the other almost 6' wide. I was extra careful during the install and all went well (the 1st time). I control them with one remote and I have automated them using Home Assistant via the ZHA integration. Information I found on-line suggested using the zigbee2mqtt integration instead of ZHA, but I chose to stick with ZHA. I cannot yet tilt the blinds (even with the remote). Graywind suggests using Alexa for that. Graywind also suggests using the plug-in WiFi motors, instead of Zigbee, for those who wish to automate their blinds. I had my reasons for my choses. I am very pleased with the outcome. I am comfortable that future updates to Home Assistant will allow me to tilt the blinds in the not to distant future.

Exactly what I wanted. My wife loves them.

They are very light weight and easy to install. I installed 12 shades in 3 hours.

look great & so easy to use, seller / manufacturer was fantastic

these were going over a tub so I went w/ the solar units instead of the plugin style. the remote is simple & we love how they look. This is our3rd set of blinds from them. I had a small problem w/ this set but the seller / manufacturer answered my questions & did a zoom call to try and fix it. Eventually they just sent a replacement. couldn't be happier w/ them or w/ the blinds. highly recommend.

Nice, but not exactly what i expected.

While Graywind was decent to work with (there was a LONG delay, but between the pandemic and US. customs, it really isn't their fault.) the Shangrila sheer blinds cannot be set up to work automatically with my Alexa, as I had hoped. I can tell the device to close the blinds, but what it does is take them to the bottom of their settings, meaning that the vanes are open, and the outdoors is visible through the sheers. In order to CLOSE them, I have to use the remote.
After the fact, their rep. tells me that it is an issue with the RF. The REMOTE can tell it to pause at a preset position, but that cannot be done via Alexa. I wish that I'd known beforehand.
I had been warned that the "blackout" was not truly dark; I wasn't prepared for how much light gets through, especially if they're in direct sunlight. The vanes between the sheers do not overlap, so there is quite a lot of light that shows through. Even the areas that ARE behind the vanes show quite a lot of light.
Overall though, the Shangrila shades are pretty. The motors are not too loud, and so far (so longs as I'm using the remote, not Alexa) they respond well.

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