Window Treatments ABC - Sheer Vertical Blinds


What are shades or blinds? How do they work in your house? Which is best for you? There are too many questions when choosing window treatments. To this end, Graywind launches Window Treatments ABC column to help you better understand categories of window treatments, their features and differences, and even your personal window solution.

This article mainly introduces Sheer Vertical Blinds, which is unknown but synonymous with fantastic and elegance, and creates a brand new experience.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

Soft sheers bring a fantastic aesthetic, walk through blinds and enjoy an elegant life. Best for large windows as well as safe for kids.


【Flexibly Light Switch】180° rotatable slats offer 3 light control modes.

【Vane Stack Solution】3 vane stack locations available, choose as you want.

【Color Blocking】Various matching colors and patterns to create a personal style.

【Ideal For Large Windows or Doors】Draper-like blinds with privacy and UV protection.

【Easy Care】Removable vanes are durable, easy to clean and replaceable.

【Safe and Friendly】Cordless design, we can walk through blinds with kids and pets.


  • Custom Size depends on your needs, precise and convenient.
  • Accessories: Valance, Remote Controller.
  • All Graywind Smart Home Solutions are available.
  • Color Blocking makes your personal design.
  • Other Control Way: Manual.

Whole House Design Show

  • Peaceful Bedroom
Soft white and beige, warm and relaxing. Combined with blackout roller shades to ensure privacy and light, allowing you to sleep soundly all night. Time Schedule and Voice Control free your hands.

  • Elegant Living Room

Luxury Patterned Series enhances your interior, and flexible adjustments meet specific light needs. Solar panels save energy and we don't need to charge and bring you a smart home.

  • Prepared Baby Room

Smart control and magic wand are both safe with no risk of entanglement. You can also play with kids and pets while walking through blinds, making your baby room a place full of happiness.

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