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Jamie: Breaking Rules & Shines In Life



Jayme Squires never set limits for herself and went through seven changes of her major in college before finally choosing Graphic Design; after graduation, she started a career path from the one area of study she worried she wouldn’t be able to pursue after graduation - music, releasing her own albums and doing charity work. 🎨Now she is an excellent content creator, sincerely sharing DIY&Home Decor, has a warm and adorable family!

Beautiful Encounters

Really glad Jayme choose and love our Roman Shades in her kids' room! By following her and getting to know her, not only do we learn about home decor, but also healing and peace of mind, let us learn about her pleasant and elegant life.

She now has three super cute daughters, met her husband Brad wonderfully 15 years ago, the only boy she ever kissed, and married the same day they met six years later! ♥️

Dream Come True Room-Turn the attic into a bedroom for girls

I'm an A-D-I wire that likes to get myself in trouble by breaking all the rules.

One time I put glue fall down and I walked all over the glue, got stuck. Turned an attic into a bedroom for my daughters by painting many rainbow houses and covering up a furnace in the middle of the room, but they loved it! I also turned a bedroom into a dining room. I like to do crazy things like put faux stone all over my wall to make it look old.

🌈Jayme transforms the attic into the rainbow bedroom with girls, she thinks it’s more than teaching them how to create a room. It’s teaching her how to create & view herself.

🖱️Click here to see the Before&After installation

🖱️Click here to see the Usage Scenarios

Graywind will always pursue a more elegant artistic aesthetic as the goal, this new Roman Shades achieves the fusion of classical aesthetics and modern technology, making the classic beauty in the overlap of the ages, the classic eternal.

Every morning Jamie opens the shades up with the remote; and turns them off with voice control at night with girls! These window treatments are about to change your life.

Best for Kids™:from WCSC. The cordless design provides maximum safety for children, let's say goodbye to cords that pose a strangulation hazard when children become entangled.

A woman filled with love

Love for God, love for her family, love for music, and love for writing.

Jayme Squires was in the top 6 in Chicago for the Hard Rock Rising Global Contest; Doing the podcast with her husband about meeting; she also helped with Breast Cancer, Childhood Cancer...

She forever cherishes every moment in time.


Can you share your thoughts on daring to break the status?

I’ve never quite grasped the concept of “staying in your lane” - or finding that “one thing” and sticking just to that.
Seven college majors later and I still am over here using turn signals left & right. And yet, I am filled with a creative high from embracing all of my favorite things... design, motherhood, writing, music... & seeking all the joy they bring. ⠀

Recently, a friend said to me “I can see you are waking in your purpose.” ⠀
Whoa. Her words stuck with me. It made me realize that I was not created to be limited to a single lane, or even try to navigate down a four lane highway & keep them all separate, or worry about someone else riding my tail or cutting me off... ⠀

Walking in your purpose is bigger than your title, your career, what your peers are doing, your current stage of life, or your Instagram bio. Walking in your purpose is when your soul is set free to embrace all the passions that set you on fire, that keep you up at night, that weave together in such a way to lift someone else up through your light even when you’re not trying - your joy just becomes contagious. Let’s walk in that side by side.... After all, they’re aren’t any lanes on the sidewalk.


We all enjoy reading the stories you shared, but does family life also make you feel tired?

The world may tell you that shopping lists, laundry piles, swept floors, and sinks full of dishes are just chores.

But if you choose to take another look you’ll see the family recipes that will carry on, the sweet warmth and smell of fresh laundry, the little hands and feet that make their mark everywhere they go, the full bellies, the chats over a meal together, & hearing when asking what their favorite part of their day was before bed time it was the simplest thing that made the biggest difference.

A home is made and cared for in many ways. There is no right way. But know, they aren’t “just” chores, you aren’t “just” home. There is a lost art in this world & for me, it’s the art of making home.

Graywind also hopes to work with you to pursue the perfect life that suits us, there's still a long way to go.

Thank you to Jamie! Follow her on Instagram.

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