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Graywind Story | An Interior Decor Master Creates Her Modern Classic Home
Meghan is an excellent interior designer who has a unique and elegant life aesthetic. She took the initiative to share her three purchase experiences, including why she wanted to buy smart shades, how to integrate shades into her own decor style, and finally showed her exclusive user experience with smart systems. These sincere sharing videos are all her real feelings and made us feel a warm connection with her, which helped her win the 2nd Best Sharing Award as well. Let's follow her perspective and see how to make the interior design a perfect combination of classic elegance and modern simplicity.
Moody Vibes & Neutral Deco
When you want to add some exclusivity to your house, prints, weaves, and textures may be a funny choice to express your mood, as Meghan did. She integrates Maximalist Aesthetics into her interior design: The colorful irregular geometry is well matched with the prints and patterns showing flowers and branches growing freely, this natural tone complements the straw products and log furniture each other, bringing an elegant and luxurious chill.
Something simple can balance the complicated interior design better. Meghan brings the visual art of the "White Space" to her house, and she always creates a neutral space in several rooms with large areas of pure colors and keeps them blank, so we are attracted to advanced textures and a whole neutral vibe, special and classy.

Meghan used Smart Blackout Shades in her bathroom for privacy, and no need to step over the bathtub to raise and lower shades by hand, so she could enjoy a cozy shower in her refined bath heaven.
Seasonal Plants & Flowers Bring A Natural Life
Decorating interiors with plants and flowers is a timeless idea that transcends space and turns the house into nature's canvas.
Meghan is good at choosing plants and flowers as the season changes. In summer, she often uses fuchsia flowers and green-yellow leaves, when the sun shines on these petals and branches, which is romantic and lively. In autumn, she uses more deep colors like sienna and burgundy to give her room a flavor of leaves dancing in the crimson glow.
Family & Interests Bulid Her Peaceful Daily
Meghan's family is her eternal backing and harbor with endless love and care. She and her husband have a sweet family: a handsome son and his angel sister Blair, also two doodle dogs as their furry family members, and one of the doodles loves to show his butt in Meghan's photos. Food, rest, playing, parties, and traveling, they spend every day of life in their own way.
We are very pleased to provide Meghan with Best For Kids™ Certified Smart Shades, the cordless design has no risk of rope strangulation, and is safe for kids and pets. She shows us a comfortable smart baby room in the below videos.
Meghan is also a lover of Coffee☕ and Mugs and has collected various unique mugs. Pour mellow coffee into a favorite mug with the daily mood to start a new day, read a book, watch a movie, and do everything she likes. What an elegant and perfect day!
Meghan's sharing is so real, sincere, and interesting, so we can realize that peace and happiness are not abstract concepts, but concrete things happen daily, just like her creativity of interior decor, her relationship with nature, her time spent with her family, and her countless interests about life. It inspires us. Graywind will continue to focus on creating the most premium window treatments, and beyond shading, so as to bring customers the most comfortable experience and perfect life.
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