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Graywind Story | Build An Elegant Life With Love


Congratulations to Hannah for winning the Best Sharing Award at the Graywind Sharing Event! Her use of smart control and the stylish combination of zebra blinds and sheer shades caught our attention.

We were impressed by her elegant demeanor, advanced aesthetics, and most importantly, her love for children and family, as well as her attitude towards life. Hannah has shown us a brand new female image.

Welcome to our Perfectly Imperfect Life
❤ Let's Love, Respect, Forgive, Learn, & Grow❤️

@Hannah V Roy

A Brave Female Who Overcomes Obstacles with Love

This is a romantic love story about Hannah and her gentle lover, who got married and had a happy life despite the ups and downs of daily for almost ten years. This incredible love is still going strong now.


Their love story started in 2014

It's also a journey of intimacy that calls for bravery as well as "Respect, Forgive, Learn, & Grow", and Hannah travels with a kind and attentive gentleman and adorable kids. This blended family, always full of love, inspired us to how we should live our lives with understanding and communication.

Countless moments of companionship with her child as a bonus mom

Graywind is committed to bringing convenient, pleasant and elegant life experiences to everyone, and freeing your hands, especially Moms so they can save more time and energy to enjoy themselves. We hope Hannah has a smarter life with our window solutions.

A Hidden Home Designer

Hannah has her own aesthetics on the interior, let us see how she designs her home so elegantly.

 Friends decorate the new house of Hannah's family and enjoy Christmas together

As Hannah said in our chat:" I like the modern style Zebra blinds that have a light tone, beige color and can easily match with my aesthetic home design. I also like the wood (Japanese bamboo style) binds and if there was a shade that was not see through or light enough I would have picked the wood treatments upon purchase as well. ”

Beige zebra blinds complement the white sofa, creating a soft and cozy feeling that invites people to relax as soon as they arrive home. These sheer shades make her space look taller and more spacious whose vertical sense matches horizontal zebra blinds well to a charming crossing beauty.

The Dreamy house they had

Aesthetics come from the heart. This elegant and cozy style is just like Hannah's life philosophy of respect and forgiveness. Life is not easy, but facing life positively allows us to learn and grow from it until we find our own home, both physically and mentally.

A Life Lover: Building Rich Connections with Life

Hannah loves to travel with family and friends in Hawaii, the Philippines, Mexico, and so on. The seaside and mountains make her feel peaceful.

She said: "Mama said, Friends are the Family you choose. Grateful for yah'll making it out here❤️" Her friendship is sincere as her love and affection.

Hannah has friendly sisters and they connect very close. Family is her safe haven and a natural school for growth. The strength and wisdom of women are passed down from generation to generation.

Now a new lovely home member has come. The cordless smart zebra blinds are Best For Kids and pets with no hanged risk.


Thanks to Hannah and the customers for your support, let us understand what you think from a different perspective and build a harmonious relationship together.

Graywind will, as always, become the explorers seeking the perfectest life and design from inspirations of lights and shadows, not only the shades but also share technology, design, and customization.

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