Graywind Smart Vertical Blinds | Blackout Series | Customizable


【BLACKOUT VERTICAL BLINDS】: 3.54”/9cm slats with same color surfaces fabric, provide privacy and UV Protection, additional thermal insulation and energy saving. Ideal for sliding-glass doors or large windows. Removable cloth, easy to clean and replaceable. Valance is optional in custom options.

SMART TRACK: Width up to 157", track length depends on your order width, more quiet and smooth when running, easy to install. High quality hardwired plug-in motor, just pull it and will open automatically. Free to operate manually during power-cut, no worries.

SIMPLICITY REMOTE CONTROL: Rotate slats from 0°-180° to flexibly adjust light. One remote can control at most 6 blinds. Blinds connected to the same remote control can be opened/closed together or separately. 

【ALEXA & GOOGLE SOLUTION】: Work with Alexa/Google directly, easily achieve App Control & Voice Control, no smart bridge required. Flexibly create groups or routines, set timing schedules and percentage control your smart blinds via mobile app or voice command, really free your hands!

【2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY】: We provide a two-year limited warranty on motors, remotes and a long-term complimentary technical support. To extend your coverage further, please choose "Extended Motor Service" in custom option.
【MADE-TO-ORDER】: Click "Customize" now, custom dimensions and details. Please check reconfirmation email within 24 hours, order will proceed if we don't get reply in 48 hours. 3 workdays for custom production, extra 5 workdays for delivery.


6 channels available and special designed to tilt vanes to realize flexible light control. The blinds connected to the same remote can be controlled together or separately.


Work directly with the app to make it your home assistant, allows to control smart blinds with a simple tap or swipe from smartphone or tablet.


Work directly with Alexa & Google, precisely control shades through a simple voice command, really enjoy convenience of handsfree!


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Best there is

These are a Godsend to me. Great looking and so functional with Alexa after you figure out never to use their ap. Pretent they are a light dimmer and it's perfect.

These are so way worth it and their support is surprising fantastic over email. 24/7!

Good value and quality - voice commands should be better

I self-installed these blinds on our back glass sliding door and they work very well with our Google Assistant home setup. These are some of the least expensive blinds I could find with their functionality yet they seem to be good quality and perform as expected.

My one complaint is that the voice commands are not intuitive - you need to use the commands "turn off" and "turn on" to open and close the blinds and then to rotate them, you say "open" or "close".


After removing the motor cover I discovered that the heavy 3 prong 3 wire heavy cord was not necessary. I replaced it with a short 2 wire lamp cord with a plug allowing me to extend the cord with a simple 2 wire extension cord. Much easier to hide along the casing and along the baseboard. Would have preferred a 12v motor so the wiring could be hidden behind the wall. Disappointed that I could not send local http commands directly to the motor thus eliminating the need for the cloud servers to be available 100% of the time. Other than the above I do like the blinds but being a techie I will probably look for blinds that can be controlled locally.

Great customer service and after sales support

I ordered this for my side patio door and the product arrived in 2.5 weeks after ordering. Upon installing the motor was making noise and the customer service was quick responding and troubleshooting but ends up not able to fix. They shipped the new track with motor and that took another 2 weeks to arrive.

Stuff happens and it’s the company that stands by their product matters. Great seller and new one works as expected. Highly recommended.

These are the only ones on the market that work

We have 4 3-pane 9-foot sliding glass doors that the center section opens to go in and out. I was VERY leery about spending as much money on these as we did, but nothing else is available of a reasonable quality that is remote controlled and opens as vertical blinds. These are the only vertical blinds on the market that I would consider to order. The version we ordered open and close from the center point, so essentially you have two half-blinds bolted together that close towards the middle. I was concerned about how the center seam would look when closed before I ordered them. They fit together PERFECTLY when closed like it is one big blind. We purchased the khaki color burlap type vertical slats. It is a GREAT neutral color and texture. They block light really well. These are excellent blinds for what we needed! The installation is a little tedious, but not very hard to do. The bracketry is a good sturdy quality. Make sure you measure and mark correctly when ordering and installing, they will email you back to verify what your order is. I would also recommend ordering the sample materials to make your color and texture choice since the names don't exactly define the color you are ordering. The communication with this company is extremely good and they reply very quickly. Thank you Zoe and Cherry!

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