Graywind Motorized Dual Shades | Double Roller Shades | Customizable

【DESIGNED DUAL SHADES】: Combine blackout roller shade with light filtering, solar or sheer roller shade. The front shade and the back shade operated independently or together, they allow you to easily achieve flexible switch between privacy, light filtering or sheer. Updated fabric wrapped cassette creates a more sleek and streamlined look.

: Specially designed 15-channel timing remote. Able to seperately & group control maximum 15 smart shades. It provides favorite position as well. 20 Date-time groups available, add any electric shades to any schedules to achieve automatic timing control. Support handheld or wall-mounted.

: Work with Alexa and Google (Whether needs a smart bridge depends on your MOTOR OPTION). APP & VOICE CONTROL enabled, precisely control your smart shades via percentage control, creating groups, setting timing schedules or other routine as perference.
【2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY】: We provide a two-year limited warranty on motors, remotes and a long-term complimentary technical support. To extend your coverage further, please choose "Extended Motor Service" in custom option.
【MADE-TO-ORDER】: Click "Customize" now, custom dimensions and details. Please check reconfirmation email within 24 hours, order will proceed if we don't get reply in 48 hours. 3 workdays for custom production, extra 5 workdays for delivery.


15 channels with timing function, innovative & upgraded in appearance & function. Universal for Graywind smart blinds.


Make the app your home assistant, allows to control smart blinds with a simple tap or swipe from smartphone or tablet.


Precisely control shades through a simple voice command, really enjoy convenience of handsfree!


Graywind offers 3 RECHARGEABLE MOTOR OPTIONS for roller shades to meet different requirements from users.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dual Roller and Zebra

After two months, I'm happy with the Dual Roller shades. One button press in the morning is fantastic. I also have the Zebra which is very nice.

Only issue is sometimes one shade doesn't start rolling with the others in the morning. To remediate I have the 15 channel remote to control one shade at a time if needed to sync the lengths.

High Quality Shades, Excellent Customer Service

These shades are beautiful! I never leave reviews, but we love these shades so much, and have had such positive and helpful interactions with Graywind customer service that I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful these shades are and how great this company’s customer service is!

We went for the dual blackout and light filtering shade combo with the ZF motor (so that the shades could easily connect to Alexa). We are very impressed so far!

We almost got the RF motor and Graywind customer service referred us to a good bridge to use with the RF, but last minute we changed our minds and splurged on the ZF motor and Graywind hub for ease of use with Alexa, and we are very glad we did. The motor is almost silent, and the shades integrate so easily with Alexa.

We ordered samples of the fabrics from Graywind before purchasing. We liked the gray Jacquard blackout fabric, with the white Jacquard light filtering fabric, however the gray blackout wasn’t appearing as an option for the custom shades. We emailed customer service, and they were so unbelievably helpful. They were quick to respond and had us place the order with a different fabric choice, then used our order number to adjust to the correct color of for us. They had us double check the colors and measurements and everything on the order before confirming the order.

Installation/mounting the shades was a total breeze! Very straight forward. The instruction manual for how to connect the shades to Alexa was a little confusing though (I think the instruction manual was for a previous model of the motor). But we emailed customer service again for help and they answered with very clear and easy instructions. They also included instructions on how to set the bottom limit position on the shades with the remote. It’s all super easy to do!

We ordered just one shade to start to make sure we liked it before ordering more for our whole house. The shades totally exceeded our expectations, and we are going to order more for the rest of our house now!

Effective, simple, and beautiful

I installed four sets of these dual shades in my bedroom. In the first half of the video, it shows the effect of all eight shades rolling up. It was recorded in the morning, about twenty minutes after the sunrise. In the second half of the video, it shows the effect of one day shade rolling down, while the rest stay up. I’m using one solar panel for each set and it has been more than enough. As can be seen in the photo, you can easily plug the charging cable to the other shade. The battery is long lasting enough, so I just swap when I randomly remember to do so. Every day and night, I get reminded how good a decision it was to get these shades. Thanks for such a great product.

These blinds transform your home

I have Graywind dual-shade blinds throughout my condo. I am super pleased with the functionality, the quality of the product, and the pre- and post-purchase support from the Graywind sales team. Buying window treatments like this is a big investment and you want to get it right. The Graywind team know this and are extremely helpful in making sure you get the right fabrics, measure correctly, understand the installation, etc.

Two recommendations before you start: Buy the fabric sample books and start with one window to get things right before you order for the whole house.

Graywind offers a nice array of fabrics. I chose a see-through (5% black) fabric closest to the window and an opaque fabric for the shade closest to the room. They both offer privacy; one dims my bright western exposure while the other blocks all light. Both fabrics are of excellent quality. There's a lot to get right - the winding on the reel has to be exact, the weight at the bottom has to be right, etc. These were perfectly executed on all my blinds.

Physical installation was quite easy for me. I chose an inside mount, and the brackets were easy to install with a couple of screws. I drilled an extra hole in each bracket so I could screw it into the side of the frame (in addition to the top) and this provides better alignment and more security, I think. Once the brackets are in, mounting the blinds was a snap.

Once you've installed the blinds, you have a programming task ahead. Don't be intimidated; you can get used to it and once you do, your remote will work perfectly. I chose to have odd numbered channels on the remote for the inside (sheer) blinds, and even numbers for the opaque blinds. Here are the steps:
1. perform a hard reset of the motor
2. select the channel you want to use on the remote
3. pair the remote with the motor
4. check the direction (up button moves the blind up); reverse if necessary
5. set the top limit
6. set the bottom limit

Each of these steps is outlined in the manual, albeit not in that order. Repeat for each blind (motor) and presto, you're in business.

Next, I used the zigbee motor so I could connect with my home automation. I used a generic zigbee/wifi hub with the Tuya chipset (Tuya makes the chips in many home automation products). Tuya devices use the smartlife app - I followed the instructions in the Graywind manual for pairing with my hub. Alexa has a smartlife skill, so once the blinds were paired with my hub, I could control them with Alexa. One small gripe that is common to most blind integrations is that the nomenclature takes some getting used to. For example, you can say "Alexa, bedroom shade 50" to set the shade to 50% open. In this context, "100" means all the way down, as does "on". "0" means all the way up, as does "off". So instead of saying "open the blinds", you have to say "turn off the blinds". From what I've read, people have the same issue with the built-in zigbee hub in the Echo. But nomenclature aside, it's pretty awesome to set your blinds by voice control or on a schedule (using a routine).

I can't say enough good things about these blinds. They're attractive, rock solid, and give your home a real "Jetsons" feel when they set themselves up for optimal viewing of the sunset or waking up in the morning. Graywind has produced a unique, high-quality product and their support has been stellar.

Beautiful shades!

I decided to splurge a little and got the double motorized shades instead of just single. These shades look beautiful when they got installed! Remote and set up were a breeze. I hooked these up to BroadLink and integrated it with Google home. BroadLink gets wonky sometimes and I’m trying to find another brand of hub to link the shades to Google. I’ll be getting more of this type of shades for the rest of the apartment!

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