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【CHECK BEFORE ORDER】:  High-quality samples, they allow you to assess the quality & texture of fabric and then decide on the perfect one for your home. The introduction to each fabric serie help you know them better.

【GRAYWIND DESIGN】: All details are designed. Dupont material envelope style, light-weight & durable & reusable, represent our consistent respect for the concept of environmental protect.

【CUSTOMER FIRST】: Each fabric labeled uniquely, it helps you quickly recognize your desired ones. Measuring guide and worksheet included, convenient for recording your window dimensions and save it for use later.

【REFUND AFTEER ORDER】: Full refund will be made for swatches if you order at least one roller shade from us.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing -- will order more

Bought a two-rail motorized curtains. Great fabric quality, but more importantly, amazingly simple Google Home integration for voice-control. Customer service responsive, attentive, helpful and allows for post-order adjustments to meet the needs. Finally there is a properly working automated curtain system that we can buy; we'll order for the rest of the house soon. One area they can improve is the color/fabric choices; looking to get a Bordeaux / Velvet varieties which they don't yet have.

High quality curtain at great price

I want a curtain that is open during the summer night to let cool air in, and close automatically before sunrise to block the morning light that may wake me up too early. I got a quote of $6,000 from a local (California) custom drapery store for a smart curtain system with low quality fabric. The quote I got from Graywind after online customization is only $600 and the quality of the fabric is gorgeous. I believe I only paid $20 extra for a valance, which would have cost me $1,200 extra based on the quote from the local store. The only trade-off is that I have to install it myself. Amazon does sell a $199 for curtain installation but I am not sure whether the installer knows how to install a smart curtain system. The self-installation is not difficult, although I wish the drywall anchors are better and there's an instruction on the drill bit size. Another suggestion is that the extension cord could be longer.
The installed curtain functions exactly as expected and make the room feel more luxury.

Amazing Alexa-powered smart-curtains! Voice control works great

These Alexa-enabled curtains are one of my favorite recent purchases. I was surprised and impressed by the quality and thickness of the curtains themselves, as they really block out the light well. They are some of the best blackout curtains I’ve seen. The material looks great, and we were happy with the color.

The most fun thing about these curtains though is the ability to control them with our voice via Alexa. You can use simple commands like “Alexa open curtains” which opens them all the way, or be more precise like “Alexa set curtains to 80%”, which opens them 80% of the way open. Remember that when you are using percentages, it always refers to the percentage open; so “Set curtains to 10%” would be just slightly open. We haven’t yet included these curtains in any scheduled Routines, but that would probably be useful for some people that want to start their day with the curtains opening automatically.

There is also a handy little remote that you can use to control the curtains if you don’t want to use Alexa. On the remote there is open and close and pause, so you can easily stop the curtains at whatever spot you want them.

The curtains were fairly easy to install, but certainly two people makes it go much more quickly. We didn’t run into any problems at all. They can either be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and we ended up going with a ceiling installation because it seemed a little easier and more stable.

We been using these now for about nine months, and so far, they have worked perfectly without any issues. We love these curtains, and we will likely be ordering more in the future.

So happy with these curtains and AMAZING customer service!

We ordered the knitted oat milk, floor-to-ceiling curtains for our sliding glass door and for our living room area. See pics- the living rooms set also has a valance (getting that up today). I could not be more happy. The color is light, neutral and I feel like it could match anything. They're easy to install and really make our rooms feel more homey. I'm still figuring out the remote/app, but not a huge priority for me. Definitely worth noting- I was sent the wrong curtains for our living room and Graywind's customer service IMMEDIATELY made it right and got us what we ordered- shout out to Cherry and Lisa for all their help on this; your promptness and politeness has not went unnoticed.

Get. These. Curtains.

Important Alexa Integration.

First of all, the quality of drapery material is above expectations. Custom dimensions were perfect. This is not a simple installation. Not beginner at least. The install information was good and well illustrated. All parts were included for multiple mounting types. The issue I had was with Alexa integration. If you are like me and purchased these "smart" drapes you probably have newer wireless devices. Important: This does NOT work with WiFi 6. After a week of troubleshooting with support I decided to try an old 802.n router. It worked. See the image. This is not a deal breaker. A router like this is about $35. Definitely worth the automation.

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